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Daniel Ogden

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I am currently foreign lecturer (utländskt lektor) at the English Department at Uppsala universitet. My main area of teaching consists of social studies courses about the United States, the UK and Australia.

My main area of scholarly interest is in Utopian Studies. I have written a number of articles and given many talks and conference papers on writers varying from Sir Thomas More to George Orwell. I also do research on Children’s Literature and have given a number of talks on that subject. I am an active member of Balifo, the interdisciplinary forum for children’s and young people’s literature at Uppsala University. I have a BA Degree in Economics and History from Bethany College, West Virginia, in the United States; a Fil. Kand. In English and Political Science from Stockholm’s University and am currently completing a PhD in English literature at Uppsala University. In addition to teaching and research I have been on Swedish radio and TV on numerous occasions as an expert on American, British and Australian politics.

My research work is done mainly on utopian literature and utopian societies. I have done work on utopian writers such as Sir Thomas More, the mid-seventeenth century English radical, Gerrard Winstanley, and the ‘philosophical anarchist’, William Godwin, as well as the utopian socialist, Robert Owen and the Owenite communities.

More recently I have examined utopian and ant-utopian themes in American writers such as Henry David Thoreau (see above) and Edgar Allan Poe, shedding new light on Poe as a social critic. I have two forthcoming articles on Poe: “Poe and the Technological Sublime” and “Edgar Allan Poe and Manifest Destiny”.

I am also interested in the twin strands of utopia and ecology. I have published an article on More and Thoreau on this theme, and am writing an article on the ‘future primitive’ utopias of Ursula LeGuin, Marge Piercy and Walter Mosley. Implicit in my research is a persistent concern with what is meant by utopia and how it can be made a viable tool of social criticism in the twenty-first century.

Lastly, I have done research on the use of English in seventeenth and eighteenth century Sweden. My article, “English in Seventeenth Century Sweden” will be published in the collection of articles that resulted from Från Nyens Skans till Nya Sverige. Ett symposium om språken I 1600-talets Sverige 2007.


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