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Lizette Gradén

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Lizette Gradén is a researcher in Ethnology at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University, Sweden and Affiliate Associate Professor at the Department of Scandinavian Studies at University of Washington, Seattle.

Gradén has published extensively on various manifestations of Scandinavian and Swedish culture in the United States, and on vernacular and institutional performances of heritage.

Recent publications include “Hip Heritage and Contemporary Tastes: Packaging the Nordic in the American Cultural Market” The Journal of European Museology (2018 with Tom O’Dell). Among her previous publications are On Parade: Making Heritage in Lindsborg, Kansas (2003), Modets Metamorfoser: Den klädda kroppens identiteter och förvandlingar (2009 with Magdalena Petersson-Mcintyre), Performing Nordic Spaces, special issue of Ethnologia Europaea 2010 (with Hanne Pico Larsen and Susanne Österlund Pötzsch) FashioNordic: Folk costume as Performance of Genealogy and Place. Journal of Folklore Research 2014. and Performing Nordic Heritage: Everyday Practices and Institutional Culture (2013/2016 with Peter Aronsson). She has served as Head of Collections and Research Coordinator at the Royal Armory, Skokloster Castle and the Hallwyl Museum and as Chief curator at the Nordic Heritage Museum.

She serves on the Advisory Board for the Society of the Advancement of Scandinavian Study.

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