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Ulla Börestam, Uppsala University

Scandigo Supermercado and Skandinavisk noticias S.L. About company names in the service of a potential Scandinavian colony in Spain

  • Name: Ulla Börestam
  • Academic credentials: Professor i nordiska språk vid Uppsala universitet

Abstract: Names give structure to life and a new life requires new names. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people from the Nordic countries, especially the elderly, to have a second home abroad. I will talk about a study that deals with company names in what is sometimes referred to as a Scandinavian colony in Spain. Approximately 80 company names were chosen for the study, all containing the element Scandinavian in some form. In addition, interviews were added in order to find out more about the function of the company names.

The names were studied from three perspectives: structural, cross-linguistic and functional. In this presentation, I will focus on the functional aspect. Most of the companies were started by Scandinavians serving other people from the Nordic countries, and thus a common identity was projected in the names. This integrative function was paired with a persuasive function connected to both ethos and pathos; ethos here related to trust and pathos to feelings. This way, the process of naming is not just a question of labelling but also a question of creating a social orientation in a new environment. Maybe it is so that Scandinavia can easier be seen from abroad.

Ulla Börestam: Scandigo Supermercado, Skandinavisk noticias S.L. och Scandinavian Building. Lite om företagsnamn med skandinavisk profil bland utlandsskandinaver i Spanien [About company names with a Scandinavian profile among Scandinavians living in Spain]. Namn och samhälle 26. Uppsala 2011. 73 pages. ISBN 978-91-506-2267-6.

Theme: Border-Crossing: Migration, Travel, and Tourism