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Panel 6: "Travel Writing"

Panel 6:

Travel Literature

  • Silke Reeploeg: Research Fellow Centre for Regional Studies, Dept of Political, Historical and Cultural Studies. Karlstad University. Fields of expertise is history, Travel Writing, Gender, the North.


Fields of Knowledge: Natural History, Antiquarianism and the Discovery of the Romantic North - Landscape, Environment, and Travelling European 'Men of Science and Letters'"

09:30 - 10:00

3. The Far Islands and Other Cold Places: Women Travellers to the Romantic Far North

NameSilke Reeploeg

This paper uses travel writing by Anglo-European Women to investigate the construction of gendered geographies in the Far North.  Applying an interdisciplinary approach that combines history, literary analysis and gender studies, the paper examines the gendered aspects of travel, and the intersectionality of gender, class and race.  Using examples from published travel accounts and personal archives, the paper will demonstrate the historical processes of gender differences and representations, as well as capture the intersectionality of literature and the construction of place in real, imaginary and symbolic terms.

Since Kim Simonsen and Kathryn Walchester cannot attend the conference, Silke Reeploeg will present her paper and then give a short introduction to travel literature and travel literature.