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IWCSS is a website run by and administered by Centre for Scandinavian Studies Copenhagen-Lund (CSS).

It serves three main functions:







IWCSS is an international web community for scholars and others interested in Scandinavia and Scandinavian Studies. Here you can read news related to the field and keep track of conferences, call for papers etc.

IWCSS is the home of Centre for Scandinavian Studies Copenhagen - Lund (CSS) and CSS web publications, a digital publishing platform for content relating to Scandinavian Studies. In the coming months we will publish the first issue of our peer-reviewed Web Quarterly "Rethinking Scandinavia". The theme of this issue will be Gunnar Ekelöf.

IWCSS is also the host of a couple of other organisations beside CSS. Including the homepage of the International Association for Scandinavian Studies (IASS) (which functions as the base for this organisation in between their ambulating conferences) and the web forum for Samarbetsnämnden för Nordenundervisning i utlandet (SNU).