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CENS2018: the second Annual Nordic Studies Conference

  • University of Helsinki, Finland 35 Unionsgatan H:fors, 00170 Finland (map)

The Second Annual Nordic Studies Conference will take place in Helsinki 2018. The conference is arranged by the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS) at the University of Helsinki. The conference is a follow up of the conference arranged by the University of Oslo (UiONorden) in March 2017, Global Challenges ‒ Nordic Experiences.


Today there is an increasing demand for academic research based knowledge about the Nordic region. New approaches within Nordic Studies has emerged both within and outside the Nordic region, and the conference is an opportunity for presenting ongoing research as well as a forum for debating recent trends in the broader Nordic Studies field. The Call for papers will be announced in April with specific themes and keynote speakers.

* To what extent is it fruitful to analyze the Nordic countries as a particular region?

* What is the meaning and content of Nordic culture, and what are the discursive features of the notion “Nordic values”?

* What are the historical experiences that unite and what are the national narratives that divide?

* What do the Nordic countries have to put on the table in international discussion as examples of best/good practices or cautionary examples of bad practices.

* Are current political and societal challenges in the region a result of region specific structures?


Intended audiences

* Scholars in all career stages in Social Sciences, Humanities and other relevant fields.

* Professionals with interest in questions connected to Nordic cooperation, Nordic Culture and the Nordic brand and reputation in a global perspective.


About CENS

The Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS) is a network for multidisciplinary research on the Nordic Region. CENS engages in academic research and teaching, public debates and policy related knowledge. We promote critical research on different features that make the Nordic Countries Nordic, with special focus on global and comparative perspectives. Our philosophy and mission is to be a facilitator and strong network partner for internationally high class and relevant research on the Nordic Region.

CENS was founded in 2002 as the first research unit in the Nordic region dedicated to research on the region itself. CENS mission from the start has been to identify and analyze the

particular factors, historical experiences, societal arrangements, cultural voicing and political conduct that make the Nordic countries Nordic.