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Releaseseminarium för romanen "Ballongförbud" av CSS-medarbetaren Robert Zola Christensen

Karin Zillén från Sydsvenskan och Robert Zola Christensen, författare och lektor i danska på Språk- och litteraturcentrum vid Lunds universitet samt medlem i CSS, samtalar kring hans bok "Ballongförbud" som precis blivit översatt från danska till svenska. Ett seminarium kring möjligheter och problem i mötet mellan dansk och svensk kultur.

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3 PhD positions, University of Bergen

A maximum of three PhD fellowships are available at the Department of Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Bergen from 1 October 2018. Among the disciplines are: Norwegian Literature, Norwegian Didactics, Norwegian Language, Norwegian as a Second Language, Old Norse Philology.

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Doctoral Research Fellowship in Scandinavian Literature, Oslo University

The position is tied to the research group Nordic Literary Studies in Flux. This group is currently working on several research projects connected by a joint interest in cultural encounters and their effect on Nordic identities. Questions of identity are explored from diachronic as well as synchronic perspectives.

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Sommarkurs för nordiska lärarstudenter

"Nordisk Sommerskole" är ett pilotprojekt som ger möjlighet för lärarstudenter från Norden att komma samman och mötas med huvudsyftet att främja undervisningen i och om grannspråk. Kursen äger rum den 10-29 augusti 2018 på Schæffergården i Gentofte i norra Köpenhamn.

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The AASSC Conference, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. May 28 – 31, 2018

The thirty-seventh annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada (AASSC) will be held at the University of Regina from Monday, May 28 – Thursday, May 31, 2018 in conjunction with the meetings of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences / Fédération Canadienne des Sciences Humaines.

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Międzynarodowa konferencja "Dramatyka kultury i natury",14-16 May 2018

Institute of Scandinavian Studies, University of Gdańsk has the pleasure to invite you to participate in an international, interdisciplinary conference entitled:


As Poland celebrates the 14th anniversary of its membership in the European Union and of the intensification of its political-economic relations with Northern Europe, with its popular culture reflecting a growing interest in Scandinavian-ness and Nordic-ness, we would like to invite you to join our discussion about the multi-dimensional nature of the relations between Poland and Northern Europe analyzed through the lenses of various academic disciplines.

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Special issue of SCANDINAVIAN STUDIES, Theme: "Knausgård Beyond Autofiction"

We are looking for articles on Knausgård’s writings before, after, and including My Struggle, by scholars in any area of literary studies or the humanities, that address a range of social, historical, and aesthetic issues including gender and masculinity, affect, childhood, collective/historical memory, views of art and realism, contemporary Nordic politics, Hitler and Nazism, as well as Knausgård’s engagement with theory, philosophy, and literary predecessors. Deadline for a 300-word abstract is May 1st 2018, and deadline for submission of chosen articles is October 1st. 

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1 Fully-funded PhD Position in Political History and Scandinavian Studies at the Department of Language and Literature, NTNU

The Department of Language and Literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology invites applications from qualified individuals for a 3-year PhD position within the project “Conservatism at the Crossroads: Conservative thought and the renewal of democratic politics in Britain and Scandinavia, 1930-1963”, beginning in August 2018. The application deadline is 01.02.2018.

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