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SASS 2019

SASS 2019 will take place May 2-4, 2019,  in the heart of downtown Madison WI, on the shores of Lake Monona. The conference theme “Closing the Frontiers?”  is highly relevant when dealing with contemporary Scandinavia. Frontiers are borders – real and imagined, present and historical. Scandinavia, like the United States, is a place where previously open borders have started to close.

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CSS Conference 2019: "Scandinavian Languages and Literatures World Wide – Prospects and Challenges "

Centre for Scandinavian Studies Copenhagen – Lund is proud to once again invite scholars from around the world to Lund university and to the next installment of our biannual international conference! The second conference will take place between May 16th-18th 2019 and it is titled "Scandinavian Languages and Literatures World Wide – Prospects and Challenges".

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AASSC Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 3-6, 2019

The thirty-eighth annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada (AASSC) will be held at the University of British Columbia from Monday, June 3– Thursday, June 6, 2019 in conjunction with the meetings of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences / Fédération Canadienne des Sciences Humaines.

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CfP: Norse myth in Fantasy fiction/La mythologie nordique dans la Fantasy

Since Romanticism, Norse Mythology has been a popular source for fiction and has especially found its way in Fantasy works. Many Fantasy stories definitely involve Vikings – or Viking-like warriors –, elves, dwarves, giants, seeresses. If some are heavily based on the myths as we know them from medieval sources, others freely reinterpret and rearrange them to completely different stories that only retain Norse names.

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New issue of Rethinking Scandinavia!

The second issue of RETHINKING SCANDINAVIA – CSS Publications Web Quarterly is now published, titled "Looking In, Watching Out". The articles are based on papers presented at the CSS Conference in Lund 2017 and deals with both “external” and “internal” images of and perspectives on Scandinavia and concepts like “Scandinavian” and “Nordic” in different cultural spheres, as well as exploring the relationships and/or conflicts that exists between the practices of ‘looking in’ and ‘watching out.’

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Releaseseminarium för romanen "Ballongförbud" av CSS-medarbetaren Robert Zola Christensen

Karin Zillén från Sydsvenskan och Robert Zola Christensen, författare och lektor i danska på Språk- och litteraturcentrum vid Lunds universitet samt medlem i CSS, samtalar kring hans bok "Ballongförbud" som precis blivit översatt från danska till svenska. Ett seminarium kring möjligheter och problem i mötet mellan dansk och svensk kultur.

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