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MLA Convention, New York City, USA, 4-7 January

The committee on Nordic studies at the Modern Language Association invites proposals for its session at the 2018 MLA Annual Convention in New York City, 4–7 January 2018. The theme is "History, Memory, War in Nordic Film and Fiction".

The committee are looking for papers addressing depictions, enactments, or contestations of historical memory related to war in Nordic literature and film. How have processes of individual and collective memory formation been represented in Nordic film, television, and fiction? In what ways do film and literature participate in the production and revision of public memories of war, and with what ideological agendas or implications? How do films and novels serve as sites of collective remembering - often a debated process - regarding such issues as war experiences, occupation, collaboration, resistance, propaganda, and neutrality? Papers may focus on Nordic film or fiction from any period.

Please submit a 250-word abstract and CV by 15 March, 2017 to Dean Krouk.

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