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New issue of Scandia: Journal of Medieval Norse Studies

From the editors: “We are convinced that the present issue of Scandia Journal will provide new directions and impulses in medieval Norse studies in Latin America as well as in romance speaking countries in general. We are grateful for all the support and interest we have received to this issue, especially from several European scholars … We wish a helpful and enjoyable reading, not without taking the opportunity to invite you all to participate in the forthcoming third edition.”

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New journal in Scandinavian Studies!

Apardjón Journal for Scandinavian Studies is a multi-disciplinary open access, online journal, attached to the Centre for Scandinavian Studies at the University of Aberdeen, which aims to create a platform for postgraduate and early career researchers to publish and promote their academic work. With a focus first and foremost on the Old Norse world, the journal is especially interested in interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies within the field of Medieval Scandinavian Studies but will consider articles from different geographies that are connected to the Norse world.

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Hardback Add to GoodReads Nordic Narratives of Nature and the Environment Ecocritical Approaches to Northern European Literatures and Cultures

Nordic Narratives of Nature and the Environment is the first English language anthology that presents ecocritical research on northern European literatures and cultures. The contributors examine specifically Nordic narratives of nature and the environment, with a focus on the cultures and literatures of the modern northern European countries Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, including Sápmi, which is the land traditionally inhabited by the indigenous Sami people.

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New issue of Rethinking Scandinavia!

The second issue of RETHINKING SCANDINAVIA – CSS Publications Web Quarterly is now published, titled "Looking In, Watching Out". The articles are based on papers presented at the CSS Conference in Lund 2017 and deals with both “external” and “internal” images of and perspectives on Scandinavia and concepts like “Scandinavian” and “Nordic” in different cultural spheres, as well as exploring the relationships and/or conflicts that exists between the practices of ‘looking in’ and ‘watching out.’

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Nordens litteratur

Nordens litteratur är en historia som handlar om litteratur i Norden under cirka 1 200 år. Svensk, dansk, finsk, grönländsk, isländsk, färöisk, norsk och samisk litteratur ses här inte som isolerade eller statiska storheter utan som litteraturer som samspelar inbördes och utvecklas i dialog med andra litteraturer...

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"Danish, But Not Lutheran", by Julie K. Allen

The Danish-Mormon migration to Utah in the nineteenth century was, relative to population size, one of the largest European religious out-migrations in history. Hundreds of thousands of Americans can trace their ancestry to Danish Mormons, but few know about the social and cultural ramifications of their ancestors’ conversion to Mormonism. This book tells that exciting and complex story for the first time.

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