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Einar Hansen Lecture 2019: "Knausgård: In Search of a New Form" by Toril Moi

In this lecture Toril Moi will argue that Karl Ove Knausgaard's My Struggle represents something new in literary history. She reads My Struggle as a writer's search for a new form, an attempt to find an answer to the question: What comes after postmodernism? She shows that Knausgaard's concept of form is utterly at odds with the traditional concept of form developed by literary critics in the wake of modernism. That concept was formalist: it made us believe that form can be discussed without reference to meaning, effects, content, feelings, experiences and so on. Through an attentive reading of My Struggle, Toril Moi raises the question of wether it is possible to develop a non-formalist notion of literary form.

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Special issue of SCANDINAVIAN STUDIES, Theme: "Knausgård Beyond Autofiction"

We are looking for articles on Knausgård’s writings before, after, and including My Struggle, by scholars in any area of literary studies or the humanities, that address a range of social, historical, and aesthetic issues including gender and masculinity, affect, childhood, collective/historical memory, views of art and realism, contemporary Nordic politics, Hitler and Nazism, as well as Knausgård’s engagement with theory, philosophy, and literary predecessors. Deadline for a 300-word abstract is May 1st 2018, and deadline for submission of chosen articles is October 1st. 

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