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Den litterära dialogens mekanismer

Olga Engfelt, Åbo Akademi University


Abstract: The Finnish-Swedish literature’s peculiarity must be recognized and highlighted in Scandinavian studies. The reason for this is the minority status of the Finland-Swedish culture and language. The minority position of the Finnish-Swedish literature in relation to the Swedish and Finnish literature does not exclude its openness to different cultural influences. This combination between the desire to preserve its identity and originality on the one hand and the ability to meet others, European and Russian cultures, means the Finland-Swedish literature's paradoxical nature. In my presentation, I analyze Oscar Parlands authorship in relation to Russian and European literary models and answer the following questions: what is the aesthetic and ethical common points between the different literary traditions? How does the literary dialogue work? Which artistic approach are used by Parland in “reinterpretation” of the great Russian and European themes?

Theme: Minority Culture

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